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Discreet Ways To Get High In Bellingham

As much as most of us love to smoke, it’s not always an option. Whether you’re at a family function, out for a night with friends, or maybe you just want to change things up, there are quite a few options for consuming cannabis without actually smoking. And thankfully, most of these products can be consumed without anyone really knowing. One of the great things about buying marijuana products in Bellingham, Washington, is that everything you buy, has been rigorously tested for potency. Allowing the producer/processors to really dial in how strong the product you’re about to consume is. Often, these are some of the strongest cannabis products available. Below we’re going to feature some of our favorite ways to get high without smoking.

Vape Cartridges From Smokey Point Productions


Vaping isn’t the most discreet of all the marijuana products listed here. But it is still a bit less attention getting that smoking a bowl or lighting up a joint. Most people don’t recognize the scent of high-end cannabis oil the way they would recognize the smell of flower. And there are many cartridges on the market that are flavored and scented as well. Visually, you also look like any other person blowing a vape cloud.

Marmas Naturally Flavored Candy


Available as more products than we can hope to cover here, marijuana edibles have a long standing history in the community. History can trace edibles back to 1500 BCE in India. There, they mixed cannabis with clarified butter and spices. In modern times, we have developed a much tastier way to eat marijuana. Not just brownies and cookies, but a number of different chocolates, candies, gummies, chews, beverages, tinctures, capsules, and much more.

Fairwinds Flow Deep Tissue & Joint Cream


Topicals are quickly becoming one of the most sold cannabis derived items on the market. A large part of this is non non-users are finding the benefits of CBD. Especially if you’re an active person, maybe skiing at Mt Baker, or maybe enjoying some of the beautiful hiking trails in the area. There are products available in a variety of potencies, both with or without THC and CBD. These topical products can provide a lot of relief for muscle and joint pain. Not just to get high.


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