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A Look At Smokey Point Productions

Recently, we ranked Smokey Point Productions as one of our Top Indoor Marijuana Growers for the region. And not long before that told you that their vape carts are some of the Strongest Cannabis Products In Bellingham. We thought we would take a little more time and talk about this awesome company we are proud to carry at 2020 Cannabis Solutions. They have a variety of products available, including premium flower, dabs, infused joints, and vape carts. Below you’ll find out a bit more about these products, and what makes them so special. When you’re ready, visit our Online Menu to check out our current inventory. If you’re ready, place an order and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive! If you have questions about any of the products below, definitely chat with one of our friendly Team members who absolutely love talking about cannabis.

Premium Flower

Smokey Point Productions takes a lot of pride in what they do, and it shows in every product they sell. And that has to start with the flower. Their facility is impeccably clean and set up for efficiency. They are renowned for their signature Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains such as Blue Cinex, Dirty Girl, Blackberry Cream, Cinderella’s Dream, and many others. They have achieved this notoriety thanks to not only the strength of their flower, but also the quality. Beautiful aromatic buds that have been properly cured for an excellent smoking experience.


Marijuana concentrates, or dabs, are quickly becoming one of the most preferred methods of smoking. One major reason is potency. Second, is their potential for amazing taste through terpene profiles. A science all in it’s own that Smokey Point Productions has really figured out. Their dabs are some of the finest available in Bellingham thanks to the 1-2 combo of amazing taste and high potency. If you’re into concentrates, definitely give their Sugar Wax or Crumble a try!

Infused Joints

Smokey Point Productions infused joints are made using .2 grams of their in-house extracted shatter. I mean, look at that joint. Aside from it’s highly potent THC levels, you’re also getting to enjoy the flavor and aroma of their premium flower mixed with their extracts. It’s a match we think just about everyone will enjoy.

Vape Carts

You already know that SPP vape carts are some of the strongest available in Bellingham. Their THC distillate is extracted in-house just like their dabs. Producing a flavorful and smooth hit when and wherever you desire. Some of our budtender favorites include Orange Creamsicle, Dirty Girl, Cookie Monster, and Cinderella’s dream.

Bellingham Marijuana Specials

2020 Cannabis Solutions has Daily Specials 7 days a week, including products from Smokey Point Productions. We have three convenient locations in Bellingham on your way to Mt Baker. We have Online Ordering available if you know what you're after, and we also have Team of customer service oriented budtenders who want to help you find the right marijuana flower, pre-roll, vape cart, edible, or whatever you might be looking for.


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Bellingham Area Locations:

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(360) 734-2020

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(360) 734-2020

Open: Mon-Sat 8am-11pm, Sun 8am-10pm


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