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Strongest Cannabis Products In Bellingham

One of the questions we get asked the most is- ‘what’s your strongest weed’. So we thought we’d take a minute and highlight some of the highest THC marijuana products we have available currently at our dispensaries in Bellingham. And we’re not going to look at just flower either, we’ll also look into concentrates, pre-rolled joints, and vaping cartridges. Be sure to check out our Cannabis Specials that we have running 7 days a week so you can save a lot of money. If you already know what you’re looking for or might want to browse our products, check out our Online Menu for our complete inventory. Proceed to check out and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive!

Gabriel Cannabis

Orange Kush Breath Flower

Indica | 27% THC

Gabriel Cannabis is a local favorite for those living in Bellingham. Known for premium flower, their Orange Kush Breath does not disappoint. Flavors and aromas of sweet citrus are sure to please. Orange Juice and Sour Double Kush are crossed before then being crossed with the famous OG Kush Breathe. One of our strongest Indicas available in Bellingham, it's packing 27% THC.

Green Haven

818 Headband Flower

Sativa | 27.8%

If you’re looking for a truly incredible and strong Sativa, check out 818 Headband flower from Green Haven. Descendants of OG Kush and Sour Diesel along with another unknown cross, can cause relaxing effects while still remaining upbeat. Flavors similar to its genetic parents with aromas of lemon and diesel. The name originates from a pleasurable sensation around the crown of your head, as if you’re wearing a headband. At 27.8% THC, that’s not really a surprise.

Fifty Fold

GMO-Si-Do Flower

Hybrid | 29.57%

A cross between GMO and Do-Si-Do, GMO Si Do is one of the strongest strains available in Bellingham, and is exquisitely grown by Fifty Fold. Rich green color and bountiful trichomes have your eyes eating it before you have a chance to smell. A strong yet balanced hybrid, you’ll certainly enjoy the strong body effects.

Bacon’s Buds

Falcon 9 Flower

Indica | 32.8%

Taking home the top nod for the strongest cannabis flower in Bellingham, goes to Bacon’s Buds Falcon 9 strain. Sweet and creamy flavors and smells start you off before the strong body high kicks in. No wonder the relaxing effects are as strong as they are, tipping the scales at a whopping 32.8% THC. If you’re looking for some truly incredible flower, Bacon’s Buds has an entire lineup of strong marijuana.


Orange Cake Gold Infused Pre-Roll

Indica | 58.4%

Legit is renowned for it’s extremely well grown and high quality flower. What you might not have known is they also have a lineup of infused pre-rolled joints for sale as well. And not just any infused joint, Legit’s Gold line of pre-rolls uses their solventless extraction method to produce the concentrate inside. Specifically, they use bubble hash which is a dying art and a rarity for infusing joints. Their Orange Cake infused pre-roll is one of the strongest available near Mt. Baker, containing 58.4% THC.


Orange Cake Gold Infused Pre-Roll

Indica | 58.4%

Refine is a name synonymous with cannabis concentrates in the state of Washington. They’ve been doing it a long time, and needless to say, they know what they’re doing. Their line of Rad infused pre-rolled joints do not disappoint, and currently their Candy Apple strain is the strongest pre-roll for sale in Bellingham. Using their Loud Resin, this joint is packing an amazing 59.12% THC. Not to mention Candy Apple is an absolutely delicious strain giving you an incredible and strong high.

Crystal Clear

Hawaiian Haze Vape Cartridge

Sativa | 92.1%

Crystal Clear is a line up of clear distillates from Northwest Cannabis Solutions. Their Hawiian Haze flavored vape cart contains some of the highest THC levels available, with 92.1%. NWCS is one of the top producer/processors in the state for good reason, they keep making quality products like their Crystal Clear Hawaiian Haze vape carts.

Smokey Point Productions

Dirty Girl Vape Cartridge

Sativa | 93.3%

The Dirty Girl vaporizer cart from Smokey Point Productions is currently the strongest cart available in Bellingham. Coming in at 93.3% THC, you might be surprised to find that this cart isn’t just about a high number. SPP truly grows some of the best flower in the state, and processes it in-house creating some of the smoothest and most flavorful cartridges you can buy. We carry more than just Dirty Girl, all with high THC levels, so be sure to ask the Team what some of their favorites are.


Blueberry Punch Wax Concentrate

Sativa | 94%

Blueberry Punch wax from Alpenglow is a favorite of those that love dabbing Sativas. At an incredible 94% THC, you’ll be surprised just how high you are without being stuck in the couch. Delightful scent and amazing taste is the beginning of great things when you’re dabbing one of Western Washington’s highest THC products.

Major League Marijuana

Gelato Crasher Z Wax Concentrate

Indica | 96.18%

Major League Marijuana is a small craft company that creates some seriously amazing concentrates. And their Gelato Crasher Z wax takes the crown as Bellingham’s strongest marijuana product. With an astonishing 96.18% THC, this Indica concentrate is one that’s going to give you an incredible body high and likely keep you from accomplishing much with your time. But if you’re looking for a truly incredible and potent concentrate, MLM Gelato Crasher Z is one you’re going to want to try.


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