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All About Cannabis Tinctures


Tinctures don’t get the all the hype of flower, cookies, and concentrates, but maybe they should. Tinctures are a unique and discreet way to take cannabis, and have their own distinct effects. Also, because tinctures are so versatile, you can use them in different ways.

  • Drop under your tongue for quick effects

  • Mix with drinks to create exciting cocktails and tonics

  • Add to smoothies or other food items to make your own edibles

What are tinctures? Tinctures are concentrated cannabis oils dissolved in liquid form, and kept in a vial with a dropper. They’re usually made by soaking cannabis leaves or flowers in alcohol like everclear or high-proof vodka for a period of time, say a few days to a few weeks. The alcohol dissolves the cannabinoids like THC and CBD, separating them from the plant matter. The cannabinoid-infused alcohol is strained off, and you’re left with a highly potent form of liquid cannabis. Tinctures are technically concentrates, but we consider them edibles because you ingest them directly. However, because they’re so concentrated, and because they can be placed under the tongue, they’re a lot different than other edibles. For one, when placed under the tongue, the effects can can hit you within 20 minutes. That’s a lot quicker than the slow onset of 1–2 hours of most edibles. Also, because they come in a vial with a dropper, you can very accurately adjust your dose to suit your needs. Tinctures would be a great way to micro-dose if you’re into that, because you have the option to only do a drop or two versus the entire dropper. For example, with one of our popular tinctures, Kronic Tonic, a full dropper under the tongue will get you nice and high for a couple of hours. But can do a half-dropper instead, or even just a couple of drops for a very subtle—almost imperceptible mind-shift. Just as with other cannabis products, tinctures come in all varieties—different strain types, cannabinoid profiles, and strengths. You can find tinctures that mellow you out. You can find tinctures that give you a boost. If you don’t know what to look for, just ask one of our budtenders—they love talking about this stuff! One last thing: Just as with all edibles, tinctures have a delayed onset. If you’ve taken some and then feel like you want more, make sure the full effects have hit you first before increasing your dose. If you mistakenly take too much you could get too high and have an unpleasant experience. As always, it’s best to start small and work your way up. Now, we highly recommend trying a tincture! 2020 has plenty to choose from—come give it a try!

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