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How Do You Know You Are Purchasing Contaminant Free Products?

The Tested With Confidence (TWC) Program™ is here to help.

Buying cannabis has come a long way from taking your chance with the neighborhood supplier. When Washington legalized cannabis to buy and use, our state government crafted certain regulations to ensure product quality. Currently the state requires adult-use cannabis be tested for:

  • Potency, including THC and CBD levels.

  • Microbial contamination, such as from mold, fungus, or bacteria.

  • Mycotoxins or toxic chemicals produced by microorganisms.

  • Moisture, which can increase the risk of microorganism contamination.

Notice something missing from that list? That’s right! Pesticides. Washington State is STILL one of the only states that does not mandate pesticide testing. That is why the Tested With Confidence Program (TWC) was developed; to identify and highlight brands that go the extra mile and to help consumers make smart choices about their cannabis purchases.

Current Washington State Regulations

When you purchase cannabis from a licensed retailer, you want to feel comfortable knowing that the product meets the requirements of minimal pesticide usage during the growth phase as well as thresholds for potential contaminants.

Often, people who purchase cannabis for personal use assume that all brands and products are tested thoroughly by state approved testing laboratories. You want safe products, but how do you know what you are getting if it hasn’t been tested?

The Tested With Confidence Program Helps Brands Do More

Tested with Confidence brands want you to feel confident that you are enjoying the highest quality cannabis possible while lowering your risk of contaminant exposure. That’s why TWC brands have committed to test their products for pesticides and other contaminants even though the state doesn’t mandate it. Brands involved with the TWC Program verify they meet or exceed state requirements so consumers, like you, can make smarter choices about what they smoke, vape, eat, or apply to their skin.

How it Works

1. A cannabis brand wants to demonstrate to their customers they care about quality and are committed to contaminant-free products. They must already meet the criteria of state government regulations, but they decide to go the extra mile.

2 . The brand enrolls in the Tested with Confidence Program incurring and investing in additional testing so they can proudly display the TWC logo on their products. Tests are affordable but do represent an additional investment that caring brands choose to make on the consumer's behalf.

3. Testing is done at a third-party state licensed cannabis testing lab - Confidence Analytics. Both mandatory and additional tests are performed including screening for a variety of contaminants which includes pesticides.

4. Brands whose products pass the tests can now display the Tested with Confidence logo - so cannabis consumers know they are getting a quality product.

The TWC Program Promotes Excellent Brands

In order to receive Tested With Confidence approval, a brand needs to have all of their products tested. If only one lot or batch shows excess contaminants or pesticides, the brand is not allowed to use the graphic or claim the product is compliant. We believe the TWC label provides a greater degree of quality assurance for the discerning cannabis consumer.

If you are loyal to a brand and see the Tested with Confidence logo, you can feel confident that every choice you make will deliver a contaminant-free experience. Choosing to use cannabis in Washington state is your right. Choose wisely. Choose TWC Brands for additional testing compliance.

2020 Solutions Carries the Following TWC Brands

Avitas - Cartridges & Pax Pods

Double Delicious - Capsules, Cartridges, Distillate, RSO, Topicals

Hellavated - Cartridges, Disposable Vapes, Pax Pods

Heylo - Cartridges & Pax Pods

Skagit Organics - High CBD Cartridges & RSO

Skord - Concentrates

Sub X - Concentrates, Flower, Pre-Rolls

Trail Blazin Productions - Flower, Pre-Rolls, Topicals

Wam Oil - High CBD Cartridges

Check out our menu for availability and to place a pre-order today!


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