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2020 Solutions' Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Cannabis Lovers


Have you shopped for that cannabis-lover on your list yet? Chances are high, you’ve got at least one! For that special stoney someone there’s no better place to do your holiday shopping than 2020 Solutions. Whether it’s for your husband or wife, your cousin Eddy, or your boss, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Ultimate Gift Guide for the 2017 holiday season — at three price points: under $25, $25 – $100, and over $100.

Under $25

1. Plastic Grinders: $5

Let's start with the basics. Every enthusiast needs a flower grinder (or two or three), and at $5, these make great stocking stuffers.

2. 2020 Grinder: $10

Of course, a true enthusiast will love the extra features of our 2020 Solutions grinders:

  • Magnetic lid

  • Removable screen

  • Kief catcher

  • Scraping tool

3. 2020 Medtainer: $15

These smell-proof grinders double as storage containers. They’re durable, discreet, and totally unique!

4. Joint Bubbler Mini: $15

These are AMAZING! Turn any joint into a little mini bong! Not only will it be easier on the lungs, and provide nice, smooth hits, it’s a wonderful conversation piece! (You might want one for yourself too… go ahead, we won’t tell!)

5. Wood Stashbox: $20

These classic hand-crafted wood stash boxes have an earthy, old-school feel. They come in various shapes and sizes, including one specially designed to hold joints.

6. Ryot Small Case: $20

We’re all about discretion here at 2020 Solutions, and a simple carrying case for cannabis products and tools is just what that special stoner on your list needs to take their love of the herb to the next level!

7. 2020 Solutions Trucker Hat: $20.20

Did you know you can buy 2020 Solutions clothing online? Check out this 2020 mesh trucker hat. Black on black with white letters, classic and understated. Order here.

8. 2020 Contour Cartridge Battery: $10 – $25

Our discrete, ergonomic, magnetic cartridge batteries are perfect for that oil lover on your list! Features:

  • Magnetic cartridge installation (no need to twist your cartridges on)

  • 10-second draw time

  • 3 voltage settings

  • Preheat option for thick oils

Mid-Range $25 – $100

9. Cricket Pen: $25

A great entry-level pen for concentrates, features a magnetic mouthpiece and dab tool. Plus, 510 threading allows the battery to be used with standard cartridges. You just don’t get better bang for the buck when it comes to cannabis concentrate vaping pens!

10. 2020 Solutions Hoodie: $34.20

Comes with or without zipper. Everyone loves a good hoodie, you can’t go wrong with one of these! Order here.

11. Yocan (R)Evolve Pen: $35

Light up those terpenes—but not too much! This low-temp vaporizer ensures maximum flavor by extracting 100% of the flavor notes, making it the perfect portable, discreet option for waxes.

12. EcoStash Cases: $50 – $65

These cases will up anyone’s cannabis game. For one, they’re child-resistant with an integrated combo lock system. They’re also odor proof, made from hemp, and come in three sizes. Check out these additional features:

  • Charging port

  • Wide mouth jars

  • Erasable pen labeling

  • Stash journal

  • Customizable interior

13. Nectar Collector: $55

These are so much fun! A Nectar Collector is essentially a hand-held dab rig with a hollow tip on one end that you heat up and place onto or drag over a stationary dab of concentrate. There’s water inside that bubbles as the vapor passes through it.

14. Bong: $85

You can get some really nice glass pieces in the mid-price range. This bong by MNU is $85. While you're here, peruse the amazing glass art and imagine your friend or loved one unwrapping a gift like this over the holidays!

Over $100

15. Quartz Castle Kit: $115

This kit includes the 14mm Triple Maria Deepdish, the Shatter Stabber Carb Cap and both the 14mm and 18mm adapters to universally fit female joints with less wobble! Adapters are also used as great heat buffers to keep your glass piece safe from high temperatures.

16. Magic Flight vaporizers: $125 – $150

These steampunky dry herb and oil vaporizers are fascinating to look at—and even better to use! You place your flower or concentrate onto onto the screen in the chamber, rotate the cover into position, then depress the button to complete the circuit and inhale a nice aromatic cloud. The Magic Flight Box is truly an art piece, but also a stealthy, more lung-friendly alternative to smoking. Choose from two options:

  • Launch Box, for vaping dry herb: $125

  • Muad-Dib, for vaping concentrates: $150

17. E-Nail: $150

For the serious enthusiast in your family, the e-nail is considered by many to be the pinnacle of cannabis consumption devices. It gives you all of the benefits of dabbing concentrates with a torch, plus the predictability, versatility, and consistency you get with electricity (not to mention, the relative safety). These e-nail kits come in both soft and hardshell cases.

18. Smoke Box Kit: $249 – $379

For the truly discerning cannabis enthusiast, these ultra high-end smoke box kits come with every accessory you need for a flawless and convenient cannabis experience. All components are medical-grade. Comes in two sizes: Smoke Box 1, and its smaller version, the Delta 9. Check out what’s inside:

  • Rolling Tray

  • High-Quality Medical Grade Aluminum Grinder

  • Cone Packer

  • Magnet Pipe

  • Special True Hemp Rolling Papers with Perforated Filter

  • Double seal baggies

  • Joint tubes

  • Set of our DNA glass jars with cork cap

  • Key and Keychain

19. Pax 3: $270

If you want to make your cannabis-enthusiastic friend or loved one REALLY smile this year, drop a PAX 3 under the tree! These portable vaporizers are good for both flower and concentrates, are totally customizable, even connect to your phone with an app! Look at these crazy features:

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

  • 8 - 10 Sessions per Charge

  • 60+ Temperature Settings

  • 22 Second Best-In-Class Heat-Up

  • Vibration Notifications

  • Bluetooth Enabled

  • More control with the PAX Mobile App

  • Concentrate Insert

  • Half Pack Oven Lid

  • Multi-Tool

  • 3 Screens

  • Protective Pouch

20. Volcano Classic: $479.00

This medical-grade vaporizer is, without a doubt, the gold-standard of dry flower vaporizers. It revolutionized the market in 2000, and still, nothing comes close. Here’s what it comes with:

  • 1 Volcano Classic Hot Air Generator

  • 4 Easy Valve Balloons with Mouthpieces

  • 1 Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter

  • 1 Filling Chamber for Herbs

  • 3 Filling Chamber Clips

  • 1 Filling Chamber Ring

  • 1 Screen Set

  • 1 Liquid Pad

  • 1 Volcano Air Filter Set

  • 1 Herb Mill

  • 1 Cleaning Brush

  • Instructions for Use

What’s better than a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club? A membership in our Rewards Program! It really is the gift that keeps on giving, with deals and updates sent right to your inbox. Sign up at the bottom of this page... and happy shopping!


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