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The New Cricket Vape is Hopping Off Shelves at $25.00!


Have you tried the new Cricket? We’re not talking about the ones they started serving at baseball games, we’re talking about a sleek, versatile concentrate vaporizer from XVape. This small, yet powerful vaporizer has been hard to keep in stock since we received our first shipment at 2020 Solutions this Summer.

Priced at $25, it's a great entry level vaporizer to experience wax, oil, or shatter. With its standard 510 threading, the battery can also be used with cartridges! With a one-hour charge time, you can be up and running in no time. (Though comes with a partial charge, we recommend fully charging it for best results, using the included USB charger.)

The Cricket vape also comes with a small dab tool that is perfectly sized to put the right amount of concentrated cannabis product onto the quartz atomizer. If you use an amount around the size of a grain of rice or smaller (regular white rice, not that fancy wild rice!) you will get the best results. One of the common issues we see with vaporizers that get returned is they're all gummed up and sticky because too much product was used at one time.

Attach the magnetic glass mouthpiece, and you are ready to go!

To get the vaporizer started, use 5 quick clicks to turn it on, and hold the button down while you inhale on the glass mouthpiece.

To prevent overheating, the vaporizer automatically shuts off after 10 seconds. Be sure to click the button 5 more times to turn it off before putting it in your pocket or purse to avoid unintentionally turning it on.

This compact vape is the new favorite gadget of our budtender Steve at 2020 Solutions on Iron Street in Bellingham’s Sunnyland neighborhood. Steve likes it because not only is it a great price, but it is incredibly versatile – you can use it as designed, with a cannabis vape cartridge, or even attach a globe to the 510 threaded battery.

Feel free to ask your budtender for a demonstration the next time you’re at 2020 Solutions- Bellingham’s favorite cannabis shop. At the low price of $25, they also make a great holiday gift. Buy one for yourself, and one to give to a friend. Cannabis doesn’t have to be that white elephant in the room anymore!


Bellingham Area Locations: 2018 Iron Street Bellingham, WA 98225 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-11:45pm, Sun 9am-10pm 5655 Guide Meridian Bellingham, WA 98226 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 9am-10pm 4770 Pacific Highway Bellingham, WA 98226 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-10:00pm, Sun 9am-9pm Phone: (360) 734-2020 Ephrata: 1615 SW Basin Ephrata, WA 98823 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 9am-8pm Phone: (877) 934-2020

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