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Review: Sour Cookies Rolled Into a Goomba Grape Hemp Wrap

I was looking for something new and different to roll into a joint, and asked Iron St. store manager, Robert for a suggestion. He said I should try Sour Cookies, a sativa dominant hybrid by Elevate Cannabis. This cross between relaxing Girl Scout Cookies and uplifting Sour Diesel would be perfect for my long overdue hike through Whatcom Falls Park.

What’s more, Robert sold me on something else completely new—Goomba Grape Hemp Wraps, by Kingpin. They're 100% nicotine-free, made completely from hemp. I’m normally not a blunt guy, but hey, sometimes you’ve got to switch things up!

I needed a lighter too, so I grabbed one of those and went home to try out my new ”hiking kit.” First thing’s first. The grape hemp wraps have an amazing scent and flavor. When I opened the pouch, memories of sweet grape soda, bubble gum, and candy blasted forth.

I broke up the bud and laid a nice row into one of the hemp wraps, and twisted it up. I should say too, that though these are like blunt wraps, you don’t have to roll up a traditional blunt to make these work. I tend to be a light smoker, and did just fine rolling mine into a large joint (smaller than a regular blunt).

Robert had warned me I’d need to really lick the wrap well to get it to stick and he was right. When you try this, have patience, get the glue good and wet, and make sure it sticks. You’ll likely need to give it another good lick over the top when you’re done rolling your joint or blunt, just to make sure you get a good seal. Your entire mouth will now taste like grape!

Give it some time to dry out, then light it up. This is where the magic happens. That overwhelmingly sweet flavor from the hemp wrap combines with bud’s pungent, diesel terpenes, and you’ll want to quickly smoke the whole thing down. Take it easy though. This is quality cannabis, and if you take your time, you’ll notice some powerful effects after just a couple of puffs.

The hybrid quality of this strain is definitely noticeable. And it’s one of those strains that can have opposite effects depending on how much you smoke. For me, a couple of tiny puffs gave me an uplifting, energizing, even slightly edgy high. It took a few minutes to kick in, but once it did, I decided to go a little further and take a few deep puffs. That’s when the indica side of this strain really kicked in.

Now I was energized in mind, but nearly immobilized physically. Call it severely comfortable. But I had a walk in the Falls to get to. The idea sounded so nice, and my mind was racing with thoughts of fresh air, fall colors, and exercise. Should I have not taken that last hit?

I used the sativa side of my brain to overpower the indica side, and forced myself to get up off the couch and out into the day. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Once I got moving, inertia kicked in and the two aspects of this wonderful hybrid were balanced and revving on all eight cylinders as my two legs took me through one of Bellingham’s—and Washington’s—most fantastic spots!

If you want to try something new, stop in and get a personalized recommendation from one of our outstanding budtenders!

If you’ve got a walk in the woods coming up, I highly recommend Sour Cookies by Elevate, rolled up into a Goomba Grape Wrap!!!

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