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Flavored Vape Products Return to 2020 After Ban Expires

The ban on all flavored vape products, which went into effect on October 10, 2019, expired on Friday February 7th, 2020. The ban was originally voted into place by the Washington Board of Health after an Executive Order was issued by Governor Jay Inslee. The order, as well as the ensuing ban, was in large part a reaction to the outbreak of severe lung issues that affected consumers nationwide, even resulting in several deaths. In the months since the ban took effect, researchers have identified the likely cause of the illnesses to be the adding of Vitamin-E Acetate to vapor cartridges. This synthetic form of Vitamin E is used in many consumer goods (most prominently in skin care products) and is typically harmless when applied topically, however this new research indicates that inhaling this additive, as one would with a vapor product, is highly toxic.

As such, the Washington state legislature has modified the bill to ban only those products that contain this offending substance, which has cleared the way for flavored THC vape products to return to market.

2020 Solutions is working diligently with our suppliers to not only bring these products back to you, but to do so in a responsible way. Every item that we carry on our shelves undergoes strict testing to ensure you are provided with the cleanest product available and rest assured we won't be bringing items back just to have them, they must meet our high quality standards.

The return may take a moment as several producers were forced to retool in the face of the ban, but as more of our suppliers come online, we will be bringing their products back to our stores. Currently any pre-ban items that were either not returned or have not expired are available for purchase now as well as several flavors from Crystal Clear by Northwest Cannabis Solutions. Also returning soon will be flavored options from Hellavated, Double Delicious (hooray for distilate tankers!), and Mfused.

Aside from only "flavored" vapor products, the ban also affected producers that used either food-grade, botanically derived, or synthetic terpenes to replicate the effects and taste of actual cannabis strains. With the expiration of the ban these producers are able to return to market with the products that made you love them in the first place. Be on the look out for the return of cartridges from companies like Bloom and Green Haven as well.

Finally, 2020 Solutions strives to maintain a positive and open line of communication beginning with you, our guests, through our retail locations and on to our suppliers. If you have a question, comment, or concern, please let us know! Take part in our evolving cannabis community and together we can all grow and thrive and enjoy this plant we cherish so much.

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