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What we know about the flavored vape ban

Good news about vaping: 2020 Solutions still may offer a wide variety of non-flavored cannabis vape products.

Bad news: The state has placed a 120-day ban, effective today, on the sale of all flavored vape products.

On Sept. 27, Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee held an emergency press conference to speak about the concerns with vape products. At the time of writing this, there have been 23 deaths and upwards of 2,000 illnesses that are allegedly linked to vaping across the country. Though there is no proof as to what ingredient has caused this outbreak or if any legally sold products are related, Gov. Inslee, in conjunction with the Washington State Board of Health, decided to take drastic measures and place a 120-day ban on all forms of flavored vapes, both cannabis and nicotine. On Oct. 9, the Washington Board of Health officially voted to place a 120-day ban on all flavored vape products, effective Oct. 10, 2019.

This ban is bittersweet for the Washington State cannabis industry. When word started to spread about the executive order taking place, we prepared for the worst, thinking there was a chance that we would unjustly lose the right to sell all cannabis vapes. Fortunately, Gov. Inslee felt that since the Washington State cannabis industry is highly regulated as it is, there was no need to ban any non-flavored cannabis vape products. As of today, Oct.10, all flavored-vape products have been pulled from our shelves and unavailable for sale for the next 120 days.

But 2020 Solutions still has one of Bellingham and Whatcom County's largest cartridge and disposable pen selection, consisting of a huge selection of CO2, Live Resin, and Cannabis Terpene Enhanced Distillate options. Though we vow to only sell products that we deem to be safe, we encourage all of our guests to do their own research on vaping before purchasing products. Our budtenders are always available to provide advice, and inform you on the different cannabis vape options.

Here is a table of what is allowed, taken from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board's website:

We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate through these changes.


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