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Comfortable with CBD? THC is nothing to fear.

The days of stigmatizing cannabis users and grouping them in the classic “Cheech and Chong” stereotype are coming to an end, and a lot of it is due to Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a cannabinoid just like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and is known to be the most prominent non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike products that are predominantly THC, CBD products do not get you high. Instead they offer plenty of other benefits, and have been suggested to help with pain, epilepsy/seizures, anxiety, depression, and more. CBD can be used in a countless number of ways, whether it be eaten, smoked, vaporized, or applied topically.

There are two types of CBD products on the market right now: CBD extracted from recreational (or medical) cannabis, and CBD extracted from industrial hemp. In legal states, Recreational cannabis is grown in a controlled environment by licensed producers and processors. These plants can reach up to 20% CBD or more, with varying THC percentages and ratios depending on the strain. Anything sold at 2020 Solutions would fall into this category. The other kind of CBD products are extracted from Industrial Hemp, which was just legalized in the United States back in December of 2018. Unlike CBD extracted from cannabis, hemp extracted CBD products do not have any THC. Hemp grows in clusters so very little maintenance is required, making it a great material to manufacture products such as rope, clothes, paper, and more recently CBD products such as tinctures, lotions, and even dog treats.

There is a common misconception that because hemp CBD products contain no THC, that they are a better option for people who are trying to avoid a psychoactive effect or a “high”. There are actually multiple reasons why even a little bit of THC can be beneficial, and help to amplify the effects of CBD, without getting the consumer high. Here at 2020 Solutions we proudly say that if you are comfortable with CBD, then THC is nothing to fear, and here is why!

1. Plant Regulations

It doesn’t take much research to reveal that industrial hemp is not regulated like recreational and medical cannabis is. Anything sold at 2020 Solutions or other Washington State recreational shops must list the THC and CBD percentages, harvest date, pesticides used. Essentially, the seeds are tracked from the day they are planted to the day they are sold at a retail location.

The majority of CBD derived from hemp is actually a bi-product of all the leftover waste used to make other products like paper, clothes, and rope. For extra money, farmers can sell their unused hemp biomass to companies looking to extract the CBD. This practice is hardly regulated, and oftentimes leads to products tainted with residual pesticides, toxic solvents, and harsh metals. This may change in the future, but if you truly want to know what you are consuming it is best to play it safe and buy from a recreational shop!

2. The Entourage Effect

THC and CBD may be the cannabis plant’s most common cannabinoids, but there are actually at least 113 cannabinoids in the plant. Just about all of them are non-psychoactive, and they each have their own benefits, ranging from appetite suppression to sleep aid. The Entourage Effect occurs when combining multiple cannabinoids together to either enhance an effect, or create a completely different one. When combining THC and CBD, the plants have a synergistic reaction with each other that creates an enhanced effect. As a result, just a microscopic amount of THC will act as a carrier to increase the effectiveness of CBD products. CBD negates some of the negative effects of THC, too, so when in combination consumers often feel more clear headed and less anxious.

3. Won’t I get High?

As stated before, a microscopic amount of THC helps to enhance the effects of CBD, but it is also worth mentioning that THC has its own list of benefits. Pain relief, anti-nausea, appetite stimulant, and sleep aid are just a few of the things that THC has been suggested to do. There are plenty of products on the market that have a higher THC content, but are not meant to get the consumer high. Many of these products are combined with CBD and other cannabinoids to create a relieving, but non-psychoactive effect.

For example, many guests come in to 2020 Solutions looking for something to help them sleep, thinking CBD is the best route. Though CBD has definitely helped some people with their sleep issues, most of the products that are actually “designed” for sleep have more THC than CBD (closer to a 2:1 ratio), such as the Fairwinds Deep Sleep Cartridge or the Green Revolution Beauty Sleep. This is because studies have found that THC has a far more sedative effect than CBD, but you still want to combine them for the entourage effect!

4. Microdosing to judge sensitivity

In recent studies, scientists have actually found that the threshold for THC's benefits may be lower than initially thought. Because of this, more and more people have started "microdosing" THC. In the cannabis world, microdosing is the act of taking smaller amounts of THC to gain the benefits of cannabis without getting high. The standardized edible serving in Washington state is 10mg of THC, so someone who is microdosing may take 5mg, 2.5mg, or even less. With that small of a dose, you may experience pain relief, better sleep, or an improved mood without a psychoactive effect. After a few days of that dose you might even notice an overall improvement in your health. There are many products on the market designed for microdosing, so if this is something that interests you, feel free to ask to one of our Budtenders in person or on the phone.

Maybe getting high isn’t such a bad thing, either. With such a range of products out there, experimentation has never been easier. Many of our guests discover that THC is a great way to take the edge off and relax, and microdosing is a great way to find your tolerance. Working your way up is the best way to go, so you can start with a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC, followed by 10:1, 5:1, and 1:1, or until you reach a desired effect. Remember, you can always take more, but you can never take less.

If you are thinking about trying CBD products, then stop by your closest 2020 Solutions Location and talk to a Budtender!


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