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Check out these budget vaporizers from X-Vape!

Portable vaporizers are a great health conscious option for both cannabis extracts and flower, but sometimes the high price tag on devices like this can deter consumers from ever even trying them out. Fortunately, 2020 Solutions carries X-Vape products. X-Vape is an innovative cannabis vaporizer company with something for everyone, at a remarkably affordable price. Whether you are looking for a device to help you dab on the go or something to vaporize your favorite flower, X-Vape has you covered! Keep reading to see some of the gadgets that 2020 Solutions carries.

X-Vape Cricket - $25

The X-Vape Cricket is a basic vape pen with a magnetic, glass mouthpiece and single titanium quartz coil. It has 510 threading, so standard cartridges will fit on the battery as well. This is a great option for someone looking to use both cartridges AND loose concentrates.


  • 510 threaded cartridge battery

  • Single titanium quartz coil

  • Portable/discreet

  • Great for cartridges and concentrates

  • Glass mouthpiece for wax

  • Quartz heating element

  • Temperature Range (662°F – 752°F)

  • 350mah battery

  • Comes with USB charging cable & dab tool

The X-Max V-One+ - $59

The V-One+ is a ceramic wax vape pen kit from Xvape that improves on the acclaimed V-One Wax Pen by adding a silicone-lined wax container to the base of the battery. The V-One+ uses the same coils, tops, etc. as the standard V-One, but adds the ability to carry a handy wax supply right in the base. Expect excellent airflow and superior hits with the V-One design. This product is perfect for those wanting to dab on the go.


  • 'Dab Jar' built into base of battery

  • Excellent Airflow

  • Ceramic Donut Coil Included

  • Battery Capacity: 1500mah

  • Battery Output: 20W

  • Chamber: Ceramic Disk

  • Coil Resistance: 0.8ohms

  • Thread: 510

  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.8ohms

Xvape V-One 2.0 - $80

The V-One 2.0 is a level up from the V-One+. It features a bubbler attachment with a magnetic base to set up like a mini rig, as well as a metal mouthpiece for more durability on the go. With two temperature settings, you can adjust your preference and the dual titanium coil creates a hit closest to a titanium nail. The V-One 2.0 is great for those who want to dab at home OR on the go.


  • Interchangeable Metal Mouthpiece

  • Dual Titanium Quartz Coil

  • Spill Proof Glass Bubbler

  • 1500 MAH Battery

  • 2 Temperature Settings (752F – 1012F)

  • Magnetic Carb Cap and Base

Xvape ARIA - $80

The X-Vape Aria is the newest addition to our product line. It is both a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer with many amazing features. This device can vaporize dry herb/flower AND concentrates. It has an LED screen with multiple temperatures to find the perfect hit.

Perfect for the guest that wants the best of both worlds in a clean and affordable package.


  • By Degree Settings (C°/F°)

  • Full ceramic conduction oven chamber with an oval design for better heat contact

  • 20 Second Heat Up Time

  • Whole Ceramic Mouthpiece with industrial strength NIB magnets

  • 100% Isolated Airflow

  • Discreet Scraping tool

  • Haptic Feedback Technology

  • Temperature Range (212°F – 464°F)

  • 2600 (18650) MAH built-in Chargable Micro USB Passthrough battery

  • Dual Cycle Times (5min/10min)

If you have any questions about X-Vape, vaporizers, or anything cannabis related, please ask your budtender!


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