Need a new portable wax pen? Check out the Puffco Plus!

Have you been looking for a portable device to vaporize concentrates that hits as hard and tastes as good as using a table top dab rig? Look no further! 2020 Solutions is proud to carry the Puffco Plus portable wax pen, complete with innovative mouthpiece, the coil-less ceramic bowl, the ingenious "Sesh-Mode" feature, and three precise heat settings.

The mouthpiece on this device is something we have never seen before, and it makes dabbing on the go so much easier. It has a built in splash guard to keep unwanted oil splatters away from your mouth, and it acts as a carb cap so you get a full hit. Carrying a dab tool around can be a chore because they are easy to lose, and can attract unwanted gunk due to stickiness from previous use. Because of this, the Puffco team included a ceramic scoop on the underside of the mouth piece that makes loading dabs almost too easy. All you have to do is scoop up some wax and screw on the mouth piece and you are ready to go! Here is what our budtender Michael had had to say about the the mouthpiece: "When I opened it up for the first time I literally gasped when I saw the little scoop on the inside of the mouth piece. Loading portable vapes can be so tedious and this tool makes it easy. It worked just as well as I had hoped it would, if not better."

The ceramic bowl creates a flavorful and even burning experience that you cannot get with a pen that uses coils. Coils tend to clog up, and do not distribute heat evenly to your dabs. Though they get the job done, they burn out a lot quicker than a ceramic bowl, and require more maintenance and replacement parts. The ceramic bowl can last a long time, provided you take care of it. We recommend using a Q-tip or cotton swab after every session to remove residual oil to prevent clogging, and to ensure your dabs taste as delicious as possible. A little isopropyl alcohol goes a long way too, and proper cleaning will keep your ceramic bowl alive for a long while.

The battery on this device holds an extremely long life, and only takes up to 35 minutes to fully charge. It has 3 different heat settings, all of which provide a different experience. Our budtender Michael couldn't describe it any better, "the low temperature mode gives a nice flavorful hit, the high temp kicks, and the the middle is a nice best of both worlds, Goldilocks situation." This makes the Plus perfect for any concentrate consistency, and it allows you to enjoy your dabs to your liking.

The best part about the battery, though, is Puffco's exclusive innovation, "Sesh-Mode". When you double click the the power button, the Plus provides continuous heat for 12 seconds, making it easy to take full hits on your own, or to pass it along and share with friends.

The Puffco Plus has exceeded our standards, and is one of the most high quality and affordable option for dabs on the go. Our budtenders would be happy to show you this device up close. Stop by any of our locations to get a closer look and to hold one for yourself! We are here to answer any questions you may have about concentrates, dabbing, or cannabis in general.

If you are interested in something with even more oomph, then check out the Plus's older sibling, the Puffco Peak HERE.

The Puffco Plus can be yours for $99

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