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4 Places in Colorado You HAVE to Visit if You're a Cannabis Fan

Cannabis is becoming more and more acceptable to American citizens, the U.S. government and the rest of the world, and in Colorado, it is legal for people 21 and up to purchase and use cannabis recreationally. Thanks to this change from illegal status to legal in Colorado, you can check out these four places you have to visit in Colorado if you are a fan of cannabis.

Kush & Canvases

When it comes to finding pro-cannabis recreational activities, Kush & Canvases is one to check out. Try painting while enjoying some cannabis to help with your artistic expression. The company opened its doors in 2017 with the goal to provide pot enthusiasts and tourists with a safe environment to enjoy their art and weed. There are also "Sushi & Spliffs" and "Mary Jane and Mimosas" on specific nights. Kush & Canvases is the place to go to learn how to roll a sushi spliff. And, if you want to learn more about marijuana strains, like Kush, you’ll get quite the educational experience here.

The Original Colorado Cannabis Tour

What's one of the best draws to visiting the Original Colorado cannabis Tour? It costs about $79 per person, for one. According to Denver Microbrew Tour, this is Denver's longest running marijuana tour, with live glass-blowing demonstrations and a visit to Medicine Man Denver. Check out Medicine Man Denver's marijuana-growing facility while you get around in the most luxurious party buses or limos. This tour will get you up to speed on the Denver weed scene, and it's a great choice for a bachelor or bachelorette party or other celebration.

My 420 Tours: the Denver Cannabis Tours

My 420 Tours provides you with the ability to choose from their Greenhouse Grow Tour, the Complete Cannabis Tour and the Buds & Beers: A Grow & Brewery Tour, which is a favorite among Colorado craft beer fans. Located on Steele Street in Denver, Colorado, each of these three tours has its own amazing experiences. Colorado's Buds & Beers tour gives you a way to light up a spliff as you get a view of the Denver brewery in a 420-friendly bus.

Mile-High Limo Tours

With tours available in both Boulder and Denver, these 420-friendly limos allow for the legal consumption of cannabis. According to, these tours are priced from $399 for three hours of fun. Part of the tour includes visiting Denver’s best pot shops, viewing a glass gallery and a marijuana grow room. Free airport and hotel pickup are included in the tour price. In conclusion, head to any of these four places to experience a true Rocky Mountain high that’s totally legal. If you’re ever in the Bellingham area of Washington make sure to check out 2020 Solutions for your edibles, flower, concentrates and accessories!

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