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What do Mary Poppins and Prerolls have in common?

What do Mary Poppins and prerolls have in common? That’s easy – they are both “Practically perfect, in every way.”

Welcome to the wonderful world of prerolls (a.k.a. joints, spliffs, doobies, pinners, blunts…). Not a fan you say? Well let’s get you up to speed – because my friend, the prerolls – they are a changing.

The preroll is made up of paper and cannabis flower: two simple components combined to create a simply perfect vehicle for enjoying cannabis.

Prerolls are also the perfect way to sample strains. Before shelling out the big bucks to try an eighth of a new strain, buy a joint, and see what you think. They are also a lot more economical in a group setting since refilling a bowl for a group time after time can be expensive. And here’s a tip: before lighting up – take a drag on the joint and savor the terpenes and subtle flavors unique to the cannabis strain. It’s kind of like inhaling the bouquet of a glass of wine before you taste it.

Prerolls are unarguably the perfect way to share cannabis with friends here in Whatcom County. Nothing gets the party or fire pit gathering going like the lighting and passing of a preroll. They are perfectly portable (most come in tubes and or tins) and require only a lighter to enjoy. This combined with the fact that they are perfectly priced – starting at as little as $4

To be sure, the variety of prerolls can be daunting. The plethora of choices at our Bellingham stores can leave you feeling like you’ve entered a preroll palooza. Certainly, like all cannabis you have choices based on quality. But they also come flavored, infused with kief, dipped in oil, wrapped in wax, CBD heavy, appetite enhancing, appetite suppressing – the choices can be mind-blowing, - and that’s before you even light up.

A couple of other things to remember: Prerolls tend to have a longer shelf life than loose flower and retain much of their flavor as terpenes are trapped in the paper. Most prerolls are sold in single or two-pack tubes – but many growers are now offering multipacks in cartons and tins. Think you don’t have enough friends to warrant buying a 20-pack – trust me, you will!

Prerolls also make the perfect gift: Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, even a “special” hostess gift. And of course the perfect place to buy prerolls is at 2020 Solutions.

Their selection is unmatched and their knowledgeable budtenders will help sort through the clutter and find you the perfect preroll for any occasion.

It’s hard to come up with the perfect word to describe how great the modern preroll is – but I think Mary Poppins may have said it best – they are in a word supercallifragilisticexpialidocious!

Prerolls by the numbers:

60,839 And counting - number of prerolls purchased at 2020 Solutions in 2018

$150 Most expensive preroll purchased at 2020 Solutions (from Goldleaf Farms)

287+ Number of different preroll strains sold at 2020 Solutions

19 Number of different preroll processors sold at 2020 Solutions


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