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Strain Review: Snoop’s Dream


If you're looking for a good indica that won't completely put you on the couch, check out Snoop's Dream, recommended by Kelley at 2020 Solutions on Iron St. It's relaxing, but not overbearing; uplifting, yet grounding. A budtender favorite with great genetics, Snoop's Dream could easily become your next go-to strain.

Indica-dominant hybrid by Treehawk Farms

Parents: Master Kush (Indica), Blue Dream (Hybrid) Cannabinoids: THC 29.37%, CBD 0.0% Flavors/Aromas: Pungent, sweet, earthy, pine, blueberry. Effect: Head and body high, relaxing, improved mood, Grower: Treehawk Farms

I asked Kelley at Iron St. for a gram of good indica. She brought out a bag of Treehawk Farms Snoop’s Dream. This indica-dominant hybrid comes from Master Kush and Blue Dream. These are reportedly Snoop Dogg’s favorite strains, so hence the name.

I opened the bag, and out blasted the aroma: fruity and sweet at first, with subtle earthy undertones and a hint of pine.

The buds were dense and sticky with a bit of fluff. They were absolutely covered in trichomes, like they’d been dusted with kief! The flowers themselves were light green with plenty of hairs leaning more toward orange than red.

These were choice buds, tightly trimmed, and carefully packaged.

To get the full flavor of this strain, I recommend using a bubbler, bong, or—like I did—a vaporizer, if you’ve got one. I recently picked up a Firefly2, and thought this would be the perfect strain to try first.

I let the unit heat up and took a long, slow drag, then let the vapor sit in my mouth for a few seconds before inhaling. The flavor alone was pure bliss. All of the sweet berry and pine I had smelled were now amplified on my taste buds, and with that, I inhaled and held it in for about 10 seconds.

Now for the high

Within the first few seconds, I felt more comfortable in my body, just enjoying where I sat, noticing how my sensations were changing. Then, within about 5 minutes, I was very pleasantly high and relaxed.

The strong indica of this strain is definitely noticeable. It’s great for hanging out with a good book, tweaking out on the computer (as long as you don’t have a deadline!), or just sitting on the back deck watching the birds…


As someone who tends to get scatter-brained and anxious, this indica really suits me well. I find it can even help with my work, because it slows my mind down enough to focus on just one thing.

I highly recommend Snoop's Dream, and definitely look forward to other strains by Treehawk Farms! As always, our knowledgeable and discreet budtenders can steer you in the right direction when it comes to strain selection.

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