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March Is the Month O' Prerolls!

The snow is melting. Robins are out. Winter is winding down like the last puffs of an oil-infused West Coast Herbs Gold Spliff. We thought this would be a great time to focus on prerolls, those awesome, perfectly made joints and spliffs with the little 'filters' on the end, that come in every strain imaginable.

So, for all of March, we’re celebrating the Month O’ PreRolls!

With all new, every day low pricing, we have whatever you're looking for in the preroll department, regardless of your budget! We have .5-gram Blue Dream prerolls from Liberty Reach for $5.00, on up to 1.2-gram, oil-infused West Coast Gold Spliffs from West Coast Herbs for $28.00, and everything in between.

Looking for prerolls of White 99 from Sugarleaf? We’ve got ‘em.

Oil-infused Cavi Cones from Caviar Gold? Yep.

How about 1-gram Pot O’ Gold prerolls from Venspark to celebrate St. Fatty’s Day? You bet!

If you're not sure what's right for you, or if the menu has changed, talk to your budtender. They're well versed and well trained in all strains 2020, and they love to share their knowledge and educate! That said, here’s just a sampling of what you can get right now at 2020 Solutions!

Cannabis King Gardens: 1-gram prerolls for $12.00 Trainwreck Albert Walker G-13 Heavy Duty Fruity Hindu Kush Las Vegas Purple Kush


Cannabis King Gardens prerolls packaged up and ready to go at CKG headquarters

West Coast Herbs: 1.2-gram oil-infused spliffs for $28.00 Gold Spliff (infused)

West Coast Herbs: 1-gram spliffs for $14.00 West Coast OG

North Coast Growers: 1-gram prerolls for $18.00 Chemdawg Rollex OG Gorilla Glue Lavender Pink Lemonade Jack Purple Persuasion

North Coast Growers prerolls

Sugarleaf: 1-gram prerolls for $10.00 Candy Kush Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut Lemon OG Bubba Kush White 99 Agent Orange Mob Boss Pootie Tang Gorilla Glue Flo Banana Kush

Treehawk Farms: 1-gram prerolls for $12.00 Ace of Spades Chocolate Thai The Wills

Treehawk Farms prerolls

Liberty Reach: ½-gram prerolls for $5.00 Golden Ticket Memory Loss Power Diesel Blue Dream Liberty OG Presidential Og Kush Bob Barker

Lazy Bee Gardens: 1-gram prerolls for $12.00

Methow Mt. Mist

Caviar Gold: 1-gram oil-infused Cavi Cones for $28.00 Cavi Cone Vanilla Cavi Cone Pumpkin Spice

Caviar Gold Cavi Cone infused prerolls

Leaph: 1-gram prerolls for $12.00 Cherry Pie Russian Girl Scouts Chem Dog Chernobyl Cookies n' Haze Sour Tsunami Cherry Scout

G&S Greenery: 1-gram prerolls for $10.00 Sweet and Sour Widow Hawaiian Dream

Green Haven: ½-gram prerolls for $5.00 Extreme Cream Cinex Lemon Alien Taffie Gorilla Biscuits Jack Herer Swiss Cheese Purple Pinecone Cataract Kush Thin Mint

Green Haven Thai Stick prerolls

Venspark: 1-gram prerolls for $8.00 Light of Jah Medijuana Snowcap Girl Scout Cookies Granddaddy Purple Mystery Machine Pot o' Gold

Sitka Packaging: 1-gram prerolls for $10.00 Mango Haze Bruce Banner

Dawn Star: 1-gram prerolls for $12.00 Berry Haze Blueberry

Dutch Brothers Farms: 1-gram prerolls for $10.00 Green Goodness Perma Cough Cookie Wreck Seattle Cough

Well, that's our long list of available prerolls at 2020 Solutions. These tend to sell out quickly, and strains change, so if we don't have something on this list you were hoping for, let our budtenders know. They can steer you in the right direction, and maybe even help you find a new favorite strain!


2020 Solutions Locations: 2018 Iron Street Bellingham, WA 98225 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-11:45pm, Sun 9am-10pm 5655 Guide Meridian Bellingham, WA 98226 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 9am-10pm Phone: (360) 734-2020

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