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Wink, Wink. There's a Vape Pen Made for Women!

Cannabis vaping—by women, for women. That’s the Wink story. They’re a carefully designed brand, with a highly refined product, offering discreet vape pens that look like they could go in a makeup compact, and seven flavors of terpene-enriched, purified, solvent-free oil.

Today, Wink visited each of our stores for Vendor Days, so I headed up the Guide to meet their sales rep., Matt, see the product, and learn more about them.

Right from the start, Wink is all about refinement and purity, sourcing their flower only from certified pesticide-free farms. “This is as close to organic as you can get,” says Matt, adding “We use a proprietary BHO extraction system. Just like bourbon—the more it’s distilled, the more pure it gets. Our oil is distilled six times, and then additional terpenes are added in.”

I looked over the spread, noticing the vape oils and their tantalizing, terpene-rich flavors: Appledream, Berryelevate, Bubblewish, Chocominted, Grapephoria, Pineapplift, and Tangebright. The oil potency is 50% and comes in 500 mg cartridges or 250 mg disposable pens.

Then Matt showed me one of the coolest features of the rechargeable pen—something I haven’t seen before—the cap is magnetic, and snaps itself tightly into place as you slide it on. It’s got a classy nonchalant feel that you just don’t find with the push-on or twist-on caps.

Wink’s marketing is clearly geared toward women. The pens are sleek and white, and the vape oil packaging is black with pink lettering—not to mention the pink and black “hint hint, wink wink” t-shirts and wine glasses they were giving away.

But it goes deeper than packaging and swag. Wink donates proceeds from every sale to breast cancer research. As their website says, “Because we’re committed to enhancing lives, social responsibility is fundamental to our mission."

2020 Solutions is so excited to be able to offer this great new brand for women—or, for that matter, anyone who prefers a feminine aesthetic! Come see what it’s all about, try some wild flavors, and experience the therapy that is purity and refinement!


Locations: 2018 Iron Street Bellingham, WA 98225 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-11:45pm, Sun 9am-10pm 5655 Guide Meridian Bellingham, WA 98226 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 9am-10pm 4770 Pacific Highway Bellingham, WA 98226 Open: Mon-Sat 8am-10:00pm, Sun 9am-9pm Phone: (360) 734-2020

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