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Busy Mom Uses Cannabis to De-Stress and Get Things Done

One thing is for sure, Moms play a major role in the new cannabis paradigm. The taboo of being a mom who likes to get high is evaporating, and that’s not just because it’s legal here in Washington. There are so many different kinds of mom-inspired cannabis products available, that now it can be about more than getting high. It can also be about relaxation, focus, and quality me-time.

Mackenzie is a Bellingham mom who uses cannabis, not only to help with the pressures of raising two kids, but to get more done, and find inspiration in those fleeting moments when she gets some time to herself.

As a Mom, how does cannabis fit into your life?

Mackenzie: It relaxes me and takes the edge off when I’m stressed. It makes me less irritable, calms my body, and helps me sleep.

I’m a huge fan of anything high-CBD. I tend to overthink things and worry a lot, and CBD relieves my anxiety. Last night I ate a cookie, and it just calmed me down without messing with my head too much.

I prefer not having a lot of THC. It clouds my brain and thoughts, and makes it hard to get things done efficiently. And as a mom taking care of kids, I don’t like to get too out of it, mentally.

What forms of cannabis do you prefer?

Mackenzie: The spray, the rub, edibles. If I do smoke it, I like the vape-pen. And I definitely prefer sativa over indica—because it helps me get things done without getting too tripped-out and heady.

What specific mom-stresses does cannabis help you with?

Mackenzie: Having a very high-energy, wild, three-year-old boy that pushes his boundaries and tests my boundaries all the time—that definitely makes me want to find some relief and calmness.

My irritability and agitation that comes from juggling the needs of two children, getting all the things done that they need done, and making the household function.

And just wanting the best for my kids—staying up late, thinking about how to be the best mom and provide the best options for my kids. And even though they're young, trying to set them up for all their dreams to come true. It stresses me out a lot, so sometimes I need to calm the hell down.

So, what’s your favorite thing to do while high?

Mackenzie: If it’s just me, I like to sit back and listen to music—and just let my thoughts wander wherever they’ll go. Last night, I listened to ‘Medicine for the People.’ They’re a reggae-folk-rock band that I discovered on Pandora. They sing a lot about revolution, the state of the world, Native American philosophies, and coming together to create a more peaceful, loving environment—all that good stuff.


Are you a busy mom? 2020 Solutions has cannabis-infused bubbly beverages, muscle rubs, chocolates, oils, bath salts, and of course, locally grown flower for smoking. Some of these have more THC and definitely get you high, while some are more on the CBD side, making them great for daily mom-therapy. Come peruse our shelves, talk to a budtender. and see if anything sparks your fancy!


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