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Strain Review: Chernobyl

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

I went in to 2020 Solutions wanting something different. One of the budteners, Andrew, asked what I was looking for, but I couldn’t quite articulate it. “Something I can smoke in a little bubbler—something middle of the road—I want to get high, but I have a lot of stuff to do.”

He stopped me in my rambling. “You tried Chernobyl? It’s a nice hybrid. Very light—a lot of artists use this one.”

Artists, I thought. “I’ll take it.” I brought the gram (and a little bubbler) home, and proceeded to get good and elevated while knocking out my to-do list.

The Run-Down

Grower: Leaph

Parents: Trainwreck + Trinity + Jack the Ripper

Flavor: Citrus, distinct lemon-lime

High: Upbeat, euphoric, energized, happy

Unique Characteristics: Sativa-dominant, with fair amount of Indica in the mix makes this strain both energizing and pain relieving.

Strain History

Chernobyl originated from one man’s mission to find the best, purest Trainwreck in the world. Subcool, of TGA Subcool seeds, travelled to the West Coast in search of his prize, but found nothing that met his standards. Finally after a long, exhaustive search, Mr. Cool located a single perfect female plant that was pure, classic Trainwreck. Then, to improve on perfection, he bred in some Sativa-dominant Jack the Ripper and some skunky, hard-to-find Trinity.

Overall, I highly recommend Chernobyl for anyone who wants something a little lighter. I felt very functional and uplifted after smoking, with zero anxiety.

Have something you’re looking for, but can’t quite put it to words? Come talk to Andrew or any of our other qualified bud-tenders. You’ll be amazed at how well these professionals can pair a strain to your personality.

Happy Trails,


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