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High end concentrate companies you need to try!

2020 Solutions has always taken pride in carrying one of the best selections of artisanal cannabis products in Whatcom County. In the last two years, the science behind extracting cannabis to make concentrates has improved immensely, allowing us to offer some of the cleanest, tastiest, and most potent dabs that have ever been on the market. Keep reading to learn about some of the amazing options we have to offer, complete with quotes from none other than dab expert Karry, the 2020 Solutions Culture Coach!

Treehawk Farms Alchemy

If you are a fan of Top-Shelf flower, then Treehawk Farms should be a familiar name. Located in Chimacum, WA, the company launched their Alchemy line in the beginning of 2019 to create some of the state's finest solvent-free extracts including hash rosin and full melt 6-star hash.

If you are looking for a burst of energy try the Tree Glue. 2020 Culture Coach said the Tree Glue,

"Had me scrubbing my counter and I couldn’t stop, even at 10:30pm".

For a more balanced/body high, perhaps give the Cherry Mazar a shot. Karry said the Cherry Mazar, "is like somebody opened the top of your head and poured a full jar of cream in your body - like being coated on the inside". Sounds tasty, right!?

SubX Cold Smoke Concentrates

Bellingham local's Subdued Excitement (SubX) never ceases to impress us with their craft cannabis. Cold Smoke is their top of the line concentrate brand, and they specialize in advanced extraction techniques such as live resin and diamonds. And of course, Cold Smoke Concentrates are extracted from the beautiful small batch SubX flower.

We carry many different strain options for Cold Smoke, but one recommendation is the MAC.

Good luck focusing on anything after dabbing the MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies), as it has an extremely heavy effect that is equally sedative as it is cerebral.

Gasworks Gardens

Gasworks Gardens out of Seattle is one of the most unique grows we have ever seen. They are a small operation that only grows one strain of cannabis - the delicious Lemon Cherry. We are always amazed with the consistency in their product, and the name Lemon Cherry is exactly what to expect in flavor. It is so tasty that Karry said, "I dabbed it and ate a chicken nugget and could STILL taste the Lemon Cherry!"

Fire Bros.

Fire Bros. is one of the newest vendors at 2020 Solutions, and was founded by two Seattle natives who have been in the cannabis industry for over fifteen years. Much like many of our other artisanal vendors, they believe in growing in small batches to ensure the best quality and consistency possible, and it is definitely working for them!

We suggest trying out the Rope-A-Dope, which according to Karry was "giggly and happy and had me laughing for hours. It was also very terpy and rich with a heavy pine flavor."

Skord Marijuana

Skord Marijuana is another fairly new addition to the 2020 family. Skord calls themselves Cannabis Purists. They aim to use "all the technology and power at our disposal to create the best product possible", and we think they do just that! With such a large strain selection it can be hard to pick. Though you can't go wrong with Skord, we suggest trying the Christmas Cookies out! According to Karry, the Christmas Cookies tastes like "Christmas with hints of garland and mulberry spice. It has a euphoric, peppy and happy high, and it is perfect for watching movies."

These are just some of the amazing concentrates that we currently have in stock at 2020 Solutions. Be warned, though, these products are small batch and as a result come in an extremely limited quantity. Make sure to stop by your closest 2020 Solutions to stock up before the good stuff is sold out. If you have any questions about concentrates, dabbing, or anything else cannabis related be sure to ask your budtender. We are always here to help!

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