Check out the new Oasis Vision Pipe!

Our buyers travel to Las Vegas twice a year to look for the latest and greatest gadgets to enhance your cannabis experience. Though we mostly purchase glass – which we purchase by the pallet to provide you the best value, we always have our eyes open for new products that we know you will fall in love with.

It has been many years since we’ve seen a metal pipe as revolutionary as the Proto Pipe from the 60’s, but we recently came across the Oasis Vision. This military grade aluminum pipe has a serpentine path of precision dimples to cool and filter your smoke until the super smooth hit reaches your lips. With a finish similar to a high end vaporizer, this hefty, yet sleek smoking device packs a plethora of benefits and features:

  • Bigger bowl: The huge bowl can be loaded before you hit the trail, the slider lid will keep

your stash covered and ready to light.

  • Super cool: not only in appearance, but the 3,000 dimples in the interior of this next generation pipe act harmoniously to absorb the heat from your smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece. The interior of this pipe can actually be placed in the freezer to cool your smoke even further!

  • Taste the flower: The superior flow provided by the precision engineered smoke path leads to a great taste.

  • Easy to clean: The Oasis breaks down easily for cleaning – Simply pull it apart, wipe it down with rubbing alcohol, put it back together, and you are ready to go.

  • No Screens: The innovative design allows you to skip the screens altogether. No need to buy replacement parts, scrub screens, or be inhaling ash.

Stop into 2020 Solutions today and ask your budtender for a demo of this virtually indestructible pipe. Be sure to register your purchase online to get a free designer slide cover!

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