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A Review of Northern Lights by Trail Blazin' Productions

At the risk of losing my (self-proclaimed) "cannaseur's card," I've never smoked Northern Lights before. So needless to say, I was excited to try Trail Blazin's new shipment when it came to our stores. Trail Blazin' Productions is one of the few medical-grade producers that undergoes extra testing to ensure the highest quality, and I knew their Northern Lights would provide an excellent representation of the strain.

The smell was the first thing that surprised me. Opening up the buds smells sweet, slightly citrus, wrapped in a sweet piney overtone. I've never been to Alaska, but I imagine this is what it smells like. Grinding the buds made the smell even sweeter, and I couldn't wait to spark my first Northern Lights joint up.

The effects creep on you slowly and lingers, with an enjoyable "tingling" that numbs the entire body. Surprisingly potent and hazy behind the eyes, the sedating effect left me feeling lethargic and ready for bed.

The cerebral and imaginative elements to this high also stand out to me as being one of the most creative flowers I've smoked recently. As I drifted to sleep I couldn't help but let my mind wander to bizarre and alien places.

It's not often a flower surprises me with with such unique and versatile effects. I could just as easily see this strain being used for pain management as I could for creative purposes... as a muscle relaxer or as a sleep aid. Part of the reason this strain is so popular, perhaps.

If Northern Lights is a strain you've always loved I can see why. For those of you who haven't, I would recommend taking a look at Trail Blazin' Productions. It might just be your next favorite.

Be sure to stop by one of our locations to try out Northern Lights and the rest of our Trail Blazin' Productions products! Every first Wednesday we give you the chance to save 30% on all their products including flower, pre-roll packs, and concentrates. If you have any questions about cannabis consumption please ask your budtender, give us a call, or even message us directly from the website! We are always here to help.

For more information on Trail Blazin' Productions click HERE

If you see something on the Trail Blazin' website that we don't carry please let us know! Special requests are welcome HERE

Northern Lights

Photos taken from Trail Blazin' Productions website.


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