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2020 Solutions Valentines Day Specials!

It's that magical time of year when love is in the air, and 2020 Solutions wants to help you out with these specials! From Monday, February 11th through Thursday, February 14th (Valentine's Day) we will be running six different specials to make your night as romantic as possible. Check it out!

1. Greenmed Labs Vertus 30% off

Greenmed Labs is a company based out of Seattle that utilizes an advanced cannabis infusion technology known as SōRSE™. One of their specialties is making beverages that are traditionally alcoholic, but instead infused with high quality cannabis, and we will be discounting two of their products for Valentines day. Vertus is a sparkling fruit beverage similar to champagne. It is available in a bottle with either 50mg of THC or 100mg of THC, and is sure to enhance your night!

2. Greenmed Labs Reeb 30% off

Another product from Greenmed Labs is Reeb, which is a barley soda that is essentially a non-alcoholic beer. We offer either Reeb Light which is similar to your traditional light beer, or Reeb Bitter, which resembles the taste of a darker ale. Reeb is available in single servings with 10mg of THC, or in a multipack with a total of 100mg of THC.

3. Sugarleaf Farms 20% off and $18 3.5g's (Only Available February 14th)

Sugarleaf Farms is a Sedro Woolley based grower whose motto is “cannabis perfected”. Their product is 100% pesticide free, and they offer a vast selection of strains including: Blueberry DJ Short, XJ-13, Mango, and Citrus Kiss. Their high quality cannabis already comes at a killer price of $30 for 3.5g’s, but on Valentine’s Day we are selling select 3.5g's for only $18 (Strains vary by location) and the rest of their product 20% off!

4. Evergreen Herbal Sinners and Saints 20% off

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Sinners and Saints hard candies made by Seattle based vendor Evergreen Herbal. These will be coming in 20% off through Valentine’s Day in an assortment of flavors including mango, strawberry, apple, and peppermint! These candies come in a 10 pack with a total of 100mg of THC, or a 1:1 variety with a total of 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD.

5. Evergreen Herbal 420 Minis Chocolates 20% off

Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolates! Another amazing product from Evergreen Herbal, these chocolates come in many different flavors such as Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and many more! Much like the Sinners and Saints candies, they come in a pack with 100mg of THC, 1:1 200mg of CBD/THC, as well as a 110mg option with 100mg of CBD and 10mg of THC.

6. Ceres Bath Salts 20% off

Enjoy a romantic and relaxing bath with Ceres infused bath salts. This amazing product is infused with CO2 extracted cannabis as well as a variety of different herbs and essential oils, leading to a variety of different effects! For example, the "Relax" bath salts are infused with lavender and will make you never want to leave the tub, where as the the "Revive" bath salts contain rosemary and spearmint, which are known to give an energizing effect. The Ceres bath salts come in a 100mg of THC (or CBD) Jar.


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