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Marijuana and its Role in Long-Term Mental Vitality

The legalization of marijuana has become a hot topic here in the United States. While both sides have been making their arguments, it seems more and more that the tide has turned in favor of legalization, and for good reason. Due to the legalization of Marijuana, research has become more readily accessible. Studies are bringing to light the benefits of using marijuana as a more homeopathic way of healing.

Benefits of Marijuana to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Marijuana and CBD products are no joke when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety, and it seems the secret is out of the bag. While science hasn’t been able to do all the research on it (thanks to marijuana being illegal for so long), there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence, as any regular user will tell you. If this isn’t enough, the floodgates to scientific study on marijuana have opened and already reports are saying using marijuana can create a calming experience to temporarily relieve symptoms of anxiety. This is just one of many benefits of marijuana.

Benefits of Marijuana Against Senior Conditions

If relieving stress and anxiety weren’t enough, marijuana and CBD products also fight a variety of neurological conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's, headaches, epilepsy and more. The chemicals in marijuana help eliminate the toxic plaque that withers and destroys brain cells. Studies are coming around to the to the possibility that cannabis prevents Alzheimer's. Of course, like with any medication, dosage is important. You may want to stick to some guidelines and use that head of yours.

Benefits of Marijuana After a Concussion or Other Head Trauma

A hit to the head is always a worrisome occurrence. The brain may be encased in a sturdy bone cage, but it’s still subject to damage from time to time, which is never ever good. We want our brains to stay nice and safe, but sometimes things just happen. You play contact sports, you might get into a car accident, or you just might fall right on your head. A recent study on mice suggests that marijuana can help heal the brain after head trauma, including concussions. Marijuana may lessen the bruising that occurs on the brain and assist the body's natural healing mechanisms after the event. When people think about mental health, marijuana isn’t what first comes to mind as a powerful brain supplement, and really it’s a shame. Research is only beginning to show what this incredible plant can do. It’s not just for stoners anymore; it’s for anyone wanting a healthy state of mind.


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