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To E-nail or not to E-nail?

As an everyday concentrate smoker I decided to invest in an e-nail around 3 years ago. I could go through as many as 5 cans of butane a month! I was tired of having to run all over Bellingham to find butane, so I bought an e-nail to solve this problem.

After getting my rig setup, I found even more benefits in owning an electric nail. I am now able to get exact temperature control. No more having to use your hand to feel if the nail is ready. I don't have to worry about a “burnt” dab or having all my oil pool in my nail because I let it cool too much. Because the nail is always on, it will keep your nail hot during your dab.

No matter the size of your dab, it will cool your nail as you make contact. With an e-nail this problem is avoided. This means you can take huge slab-dabs or really savor the flavor on a terpy low temp dab. I have found having a laser thermometer (~$20 on amazon) is a great tool to really dial in temperatures. The display unit on the e-nail will let you know how hot the coil is, but how that transfers the dab surface will depend on the type of nail you have. Not only will the material (Quartz, Titanium, Ceramic) have an effect on the conductivity, but so will the shape and size of your nail. That's why being able to read the temperature of nail surface is a useful tool. Without a thermometer, you will just have to take a few dabs and adjust to find what temp works best for you.

E-nails are also great for dabbing with friends. You can take back to back dabs without having to reheat a nail repeatedly. You are also eliminating the open flame, as the e-nail uses electricity to heat your nail. Torches can also be very loud, the e-nail is silent, making it a discreet at-home concentrate accessory.

We have the High Five E-Nails in store now in a variety of designs and colors. This is a must have for any cannabis concentrate connoisseur!


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