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If you are a woman you have probably had to deal with painful menstrual cramps at some point in your life. Chances are you’ve tried everything from prescription pain medication, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs, massage. Now, with marijuana legalization, more people are finding the relief they need from painful menstrual cramps and pretty much every other medical condition you can think of. Woman have been using marijuana to deal with menstrual pain for a long time. Queen Victoria was even said to utilize the help of Cannabis for just this purpose.

One of my personal favorites products to use for relief is Fairwinds Feminine Relief Suppositories. Fairwinds Feminine Relief works by delivering the cannabinoids directly where it needs to go. The suppositories are individually packaged and easy to use. They absorb fast and are made of all natural ingredients. It is important to note that this product is designed to help alleviate your symptoms, not get you high.

Fairwinds Femenine Relief

There are also many non invasive options such as tinctures that can be taken orally. Henderson Distribution does an amazing Kronic Tonic PMS Tincture that is formulated with a harmonious blend of herbs such as Black Cohosh and White Willow Bark that work to help support the female body. When taken orally the effects will be felt within 20 min to an hour, and relief will last anywhere from 4-6 hours. ​

Disclaimer: This post not to be considered medical advice

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