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Look Who's On MassRoots!


If you follow or promote cannabis on social media, you probably know, the standard platforms can be shaky ground. We won’t name names, but the big one—the site with all the billions of users—recently shut down many cannabis-based pages. And the popular photo sharing site that’s so popular in the cannabis community routinely bans users and deletes accounts that promote the sale of cannabis.

This is where MassRoots comes in. The social site has over one million users (and counting), and it's completely and unabashedly all about cannabis. People and companies can post all of the pics and videos they want, and tell you exactly what it costs and where to get it.


MassRoots is a safe place to be for cannabis enthusiasts who want to build community without fear of being shut down and constantly having to start from scratch.

And it’s more than a safe place. It’s a fun and exciting way to meet and engage with other users out there who are proud of the fact that they smoke and use cannabis, and love to document and share it with the world.

MassRoots is similar to the widely popular photo sharing site where weed lovers post innumerable videos of themselves taking dabs, or pics of their grow ops, or just photos of a joint held in front of a beautiful background.

Instead of friends and followers, on MassRoots, you have "Buds."

You can post photos and videos, use hashtags (you’ll have to get used to some different hashtags—#weedstagram won’t be as relevant on MassRoots).

On MassRoots, you can

  • Post weed photos to your heart's content

  • Like and follow others

  • Comment on posts

  • Rate strains as part of your post with a star system

  • And search dispensaries and people by location

Another great part of MassRoots is their top-notch blog. In our opinion, it’s one of the best out there, with cannabis writing and journalism that rivals the biggest publications in the biz.


If you’re not already on MassRoots, go sign up for an account. You’ll have to download the app, think of a cool name, and start shooting your buds!!!

2020 Solutions is new to the platform, but we’re learning the ropes, and look forward to seeing you there! We’ve got a couple of usernames, one for the Bellingham area: @2020Solutions, and one for our shop in Ephrata: @2020Ephrata.

Come say high! 😉

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