Still Haven’t Tried E-Joints?

From across the room, your friend puffs on what looks like a cigarette. He inhales, and the tip glows cherry red. Then, he exhales a white cloud of—not smoke—vapor. Happiness ensues.

Welcome to e-joints. These cannabis oil vape-pens are clean, discreet, battery powered, and come in a vast selection of strengths and strains. It's no surprise they're becoming so wildly popular.

Some highlights of vaping with an e-joint:

  • It’s way easier on your lungs than combustion-based smoking. There’s no fire, fumes, or tar.

  • It’s convenient and discreet. You can keep a pen in your pocket or purse, and take a drag any time without making a scene or leaving a smoky odor behind.

  • It’s often a more gentle high, with a predictable and easy-to-control delivery system.

Here’s how they work:

On one end is a small cartridge, filled with cannabis oil. On the other end is a heating element and mouthpiece. As you take a drag, the heating element automatically heats the oil just enough to vaporize it—without burning it—and that’s what you inhale.

While some pens involve refilling the cartridge with oil, and recharging the battery when it gets low, some are one-time-use, and come ready to hit right out of the box.

These 3 brands are some of our most popular e-joints:

Ionic: “Easy to take anywhere and ready to use. No chargers, no filling, just breathe.”

The Ionic brand exemplifies elegance and luxury. Their sleek, disposable pens come fully-charged and pre-filled with 100% organic, CO2-extracted, 3x filtered oil for an ultra-clean high. Their products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and their pens are recyclable.

Wildflower: “Our mission is to provide new, unique, and innovative delivery systems of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, that we believe can provide life changing benefits.”

Wildflower is big on CBD—and innovation, so in addition to their THC varieties, they offer their “Immunity” blend, which is CBD mixed with healing essential oils like eucalyptus, cinnamon, myrrh, and peppermint.

Juju Joints: “JUJU Joints are the most discreet vaporizers on the planet. Loaded, charged and ready to enjoy, they are designed specifically for oil and produce low odor.”

Winner of Best Marijuana Product in Seattle Weekly’s “Best of 2015” reader poll, Juju Joints are a Pacific Northwest staple. They’re tiny, black, and give an average of 150 puffs per joint.

We also carry a plethora of refillable pens and cartridges, as well as the oil itself.

Come check us out. All November, we're celebrating the "Month-O-Concentrates," with the kick-off of our new 2020 Solutions brand Pure Premium Cannabis OIl, available in the following strains:

Blue Dream, Blockhead, Carl Sagan, Golden Ticket, Grape Wreck, Jack Herer, Presidential OG Kush, Purple Diesel, Sin Valley OG Kush, Strawberry Mango Haze, Tangerine Power, Thai Girl, Training Day

(Strains vary by location. Limited to stock on hand.)


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