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Strain Review: Blue Dream

This tasty, sativa-dominant cross between Blueberry and Haze is, hands down, the most popular strain in America. Adoring fans flock to it for its sweet berry flavors and reliably uplifting high. And growers love it because it’s so hearty and easy to grow.

But, like all things popular, Blue Dream has its critics. Some connoisseurs look down on the strain because it’s so mass produced. And in that regard, they’re right—it is everywhere. But before we dismiss an entire strain based on some critics’ opinions, let’s look at what fellow tokers have to say on the subject.

Here’s one from, where users have left over 6,000 (mostly exceptional) reviews of Blue Dream:

“4.5/5⭐️- amazing! Great flavor and not harsh but a steady high with a sweet aroma and an energetic but calming high. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

And another:

“Very fun to smoke with the guys after a long day. Very strong effects but leaves you functional.”

Here’s a 5-star review from

“Soooooooooooooo DANK Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It’s undeniable. People love Blue Dream. And why wouldn’t they? It just plain makes you feel good—and there’s plenty of it to go around! For the data-heads out there, here’s a look at the stats on this ubiquitous strain:

The Run-Down

Sativa/Indica Ratio: Sativa 80%, Indica 20%

Parents: Blueberry (Indica), Haze (Sativa)

Cannabinoids: THC 17%–24%, CBD 0.1–0.2%

Dominant Terpene: Myrcene: 0.3%–1.1%

Flavors/Aromas: Distinct blueberry, Earthy

Effects: Creativity, motivation, mild euphoria, heady, thought-provoking Origin: Santa Cruz, California

Grower: Clone only. Considered an “open source” strain, meaning no one has claim to its genetics—another reason it’s so popular

Unique Characteristics: Notoriously easy to grow, hearty, resistant to molds, produces tremendous yields

Strain History

Blue Dream goes back well before the days of legalization. So, when it comes to its origins, (like many classic strains) we’re left with urban myth and cloudy memories as our source material.

Nonetheless, the consensus is that Blue Dream first appeared on the foggy coast of Santa Cruz, California. It quickly grew in popularity among the local medical community, and from there, spread nationwide, collecting legions of fans along the way.

Now, Blue Dream has taken the recreational scene by storm as the number one seller in both Colorado and Washington. And marijuana, being the number one cash-crop in America, means Blue Dream holds quite the prestigious honor.

There’s plenty of hype out there, but you’ll never know ’til you try it. We’ve got blue dream in your favorite form—flower, extracts, edibles. Take some home—you might be converted!


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