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High, Hold the Munchies—The Skinny on THCV

Have you ever wanted to get high without the ravenous side-effect of the munchies? This may seem oxymoronic—after all, the munchies are part of the package, right? And boosting appetite is an important medicinal effect of cannabis. But for some of us, the munchies get in the way of our health goals—or they get in the way of the high—especially when they spin out of control.

What if there were strains specifically bred to minimize the munchies, or even suppress hunger altogether? It turns out there are such strains, and they all have something in common—high levels of the cannabinoid THCV.

This compound—chemically similar to THC—is a strong appetite suppressant, but it also offers other unique and interesting effects, according to Steep Hill Labs.

Effects of THCV:

  • Suppresses appetite.

  • Provides an energized, clear-minded high.

  • Reduces and sometimes eliminates panic attacks.

  • Stimulates bone cell growth.

  • Reduces tremors caused by Parkinson’s and other diseases.

Where does THCV come from?

All cannabis contains some percentage of THCV, but only strains with at least 0.2% give noticeable effects. Originally, these levels were unique to African Landrace strains, such as Durban Poison, which yields anywhere from 0.2–1.8% THCV. Now, growers are breeding exciting new hybrids that yield upward of 4.0% THCV with strains like Pineapple Purps.

Other Strains with High THCV:

If you’d like to see what THCV can do for you, come see one of our budtenders. They know all of the strains inside and out, and can point you in the right direction.

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