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Introducing the 2020 Mystery Bag!


Save at least 20% off the original price from some of your favorite brands: RGL, THC, Kiona, Trail Blazin, Oz Gardens, Treehawk, Exotikz, Royal Gardens, SubX and more. (Selection will vary depending on location).


How it Works:

At the top of select categories on our online menu, you will find the first several items listed as 2020 Mystery.  They are broken down by size, price and whether they are an Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD heavy strain.

You pick the size and price point you would like as well as if you'd like a Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa and we will randomly select an item that fits these criteria.


Save some money and discover something new!

NOTE: All sales are final and guests cannot select a specific product. THC values will vary and will be 15% minimum (for all non CBD heavy options). Most of these items are still available for our Daily Discounts and Point usage with some exceptions due to Washington State regulations.