October 18, 2019

As progress mounts in the fight for marijuana legalization, advocates are now counting the days until full, nationwide, recreational access to weed becomes the law of the land. Cannabis currently occupies a unique position in the legal structure. It's legal in many states that also tax and regulate it, but the federal government still enforces a total ban...

October 11, 2019

Good news about vaping: 2020 Solutions still may offer a wide variety of non-flavored cannabis vape

Bad news: The state has placed a 120-day ban, effective today, on the sale of all flavored vape products.

On Sept. 27, Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee held an emergency press conference to speak about the concerns with vape products. At the time of...

October 2, 2019

Our buyers travel to Las Vegas twice a year to look for the latest and greatest gadgets to enhance your cannabis experience. Though we mostly purchase glass – which we purchase by the pallet to provide you the best value, we always have our eyes open for new products that we know you will fall in love with. 

It has been many years since we’ve seen a metal...

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